Helping agencies transform their financial and operational processes to increase profitability and maximise cash flow.

I am on a mission to simplify finance and make it accessible and relevant to small business owners. I bridge the gap between accountants and businesses by helping you understand the meaning behind your numbers so you can use them to drive your company forwards.

With 15 years’ agency experience, I can take the stress out of accounting and financial management so that you can focus on your passion. I’ve spent the past 8 years overseeing the financial and operational management of an award-winning mobile agency. This has given me both a detailed and big picture view of what it takes to run a successful business. I can give you an expert perspective with tried and tested methods on how to overcome the financial challenges that stand in your way.

I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt with other business owners. Running a business is challenging and finance can often feel overwhelming. You need reliable and sound advice to demystify the blind spots for you. Whether you want to solve a specific issue or just need reassurance that your finances are being managed correctly, I help you make sense of your business accounts. I shed light on your company's performance and help you guide it forwards. I specialise in creating numbers that are meaningful to your business that can inform every decision you make to ensure that money worries never keep you awake at night.